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Matilda Jane Mama

Posted by Courtney Schultz on

Have y'all heard of Matilda Jane? (Of course you have, you like monograms... MJ and monograms go hand in hand). 

Well, if you're a fan of MJ for little girls, let me be the first to tell you, it ain't just for the little ladies!! Having only sons, I wanted in on the fun too. I've been a BIG fan of the women's apparel for a little over a year since my good friend and trunk keeper, Nicole, introduced me to the yummy styles (click that link to go directly to her page - she's amazing at styling and can totally help you start your MJ wardrobe!). The best thing about the women's MJ collection? It could not pair more awesome with some of my other favorite brands, like Tory Burch, Anthropologie, Gap, Alex & Ani and of course, COURTNEY BOCK DESIGNS! 

Most recently I purchased the adorable "Mountain Rose Ruched Leggings" but when faced with the issue of styling them, I was a bit stumped. So I started throwing together layers and patterns and I ended up in LOVE with the end result. I love how I was able to combine pieces from several of my favorite companies for a final look that is eclectic yet polished. Here's the finished product and how to combine tons of great brands with Courtney Bock Designs.


Here are links to the items shown that are still available for purchase:
Leggings | Chambray (now on sale!) | Tory Burch Revas | Isobel Monogram Bracelet | Engraved Bar Necklace | Alex and Ani Cross Bracelet | Monogrammed Studs 

Additional items not linked:

Anthropologie leather-trimmed duster | Maui Jim Aviators | Leather belt | Chain & Wood Necklace

Combining brands really blends your look so well! Instead of being saturated in one company's style, you are melting them all together to have a unique and well-curated outfit. And Courtney Bock Designs is no exception! Combine our fabulous accessories with all your favorite pieces - it's the icing on the cake of a well-dressed woman!


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