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The best gift for all occasions

Posted by Courtney Schultz on

What makes jewelry the best gift to give, regardless of occasion? We've thrown together a few of our favorite pieces and the reasons we think they're your #1 choice when it comes to gifting this Spring!


1) One size fits all (can I get an AMEN!?). With clothing, you can never be 100% sure you'll guess correctly for a person's size, and when it comes to personalized goods which are our specialty, returning an incorrect size isn't an option, making jewelry a much safer bet. Plus you never have to worry about addressing the often sensitive subject of whether something fits or flatters when it comes to jewelry.

2) Jewelry can stand the test of time. Clothing and other items that require regular laundering may not have the lifespan of a piece of jewelry that is cared for, worn gently and stored properly. It's not uncommon for jewelry to stay a part of a woman's collection for DECADES, so why not give something that will have lasting value?


3) Sentimental value. There is something about giving a piece of jewelry to someone that has a greater weight of significance than a textile or home gift. Add a monogram and you're truly giving someone a piece that is collectible and sentimental. Remember that monograms are always a fabulous gift for new brides, especially, as they embrace and adopt a new 3-letter logo for themselves!

4) Jewelry is an extremely customizable gift. Especially with regards to our new birthstone bracelets and rings! Even if you don't want to select the birthstone of your recipient, perhaps you'd rather gift her with a stone in her favorite color! There are no rules, just limitless options on personalizing a gift to make your recipient feel truly special.


5) It's appropriate for a woman of any age. Whether you're shopping for a young lady and wish to give her a classic and demure piece of jewelry like our simple initial necklace, or you're shopping for a more mature recipient and wish to give them a timeless treasure like our Chesire Monogram Necklace, it is a gift that surpasses age barriers.

6) Everyone knows good things come in small packages. The tinier the piece, the better in most cases (as is true with our best selling Tiny Monogram Necklace).


7) Jewelry is a memorable gift.  You’ll always remember who gave it to you, what the occasion was, and where you were.  Jewelry is meaningful and more than just metal and rocks.  Jewelry tells a story; your story.

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