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Vinyl Monogram Decal

  • $ 200

The wait is over, we have officially added vinyl monogram sizes in varying sizes, fonts and colors so you can monogram EVERYTHING! Enter initials IN THE ORDER YOU WISH THEM TO APPEAR. For a traditional ladies'  monogram where the middle initial is the largest, type out the initials with the LAST NAME INITIAL IN THE MIDDLE. For instance, Courtney Bock Schultz is CSB. For ordering concerns or to ensure correct order of initials, feel free to email following your order. Dimensions indicate the largest point of the monogram (for wide monograms, that will be the width of the image, not the height of the image).

Decals arrive already attached to contact/transfer paper for your transfer convenience. To apply: Simply lift the transfer paper (monogram will be attached) and carefully lay your decal on your desired surface. You only have one chance to lay the decal before it sticks, so make sure you measure and clean the surface thoroughly with a drying product such as rubbing alcohol before application. Once you apply, use a credit card or similar tool to smooth the monogram and transfer paper down onto your surface. Once smooth, you may lift the transfer paper and carefully peel it away from the monogram, which will remain in place. Enjoy your monogram!


Suggestions for placement:

Car Window

Plastic bottles



Baby Bottle


Cell Phone

Picture Frames

Wine Glasses

Plastic containers or tubs


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